Welcome to Wingham Rifle Club

Home of long range rifle shooting in the Wingham / Manning Valley district.

Wingham Rifle Club conducts the biggest open prize shoot outside the “Queens” event in NSW in June each year.

We cater for shooting at distances from 300 metres to 1000 yards – refer Events Calendar for details.

For all communications please use email: [email protected]


9 thoughts on “Welcome to Wingham Rifle Club

  1. Meta Bolch

    Good evening,

    Just enquiring as to whether I am required to be a member to utilise your facilities and if so, what are the membership fees and how do I apply.


    Meta Bolch

    1. Duncan Robinson

      Hi Meta

      You do not have to be a member initially but can become one by invitation if agreed by members. Cost is $233/yr for adult – range fees are $13 each time you shoot at the range.



    1. Duncan Robinson

      Hi Jeff

      Yes the club is still active – we do not shoot service matches at present – only target rifle and F class on electronic targets (mainly .223 & .308)

  2. bernie ruth

    Hi I am a member of the Coffs Harbour rifle club and am interested in your longrange shoot next month I am not a member of the nswra and am wondering if can participate as a visitor

    1. Duncan Robinson

      Hi Tim

      Best thing is to come along and see if you like it. Membership is by invitation once you have attended the club for an initial period.
      Are you a licensed shooter or new to the sport? and if so do you have your own firearm?. If not, we do have a club rifle which you can use subject to you meeting Firearms legislative requirements.
      The next two weeks are not suitable for new shooters – this weekend there is NO shooting as we are doing a working bee for our 3 day open competition the following week. Let me know your firearm licence status and I can then give you a better idea of when best to attend.



  3. Jeffrey Elias

    Hi i am interested in joining the Wingham rifle club i have recently moved to Forster.
    Do i need a shooters licence first before i can consider applying for membership.
    Or maybe it is better i visit the range one Saturday to see your facilities and get a feel for the club and its operations.
    Thanks. Jeff Elias.

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