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Wingham Rifle Club well represented at QLD ‘Queens’

Wingham Rifle Club was well represented at the recent Qld Rifle Association State Championships with a group of eight shooters travelling to Brisbane for the event.

The competition was run in two stages over five days.  The first two days are the lead-up event known as the Duncan Series and is shot over six ranges in two days.  The State Championships, known as the Queens Series, then follows and is conducted over ten ranges in three days.  Both events are shot over distances ranging from 300 to 1000 yards. This truly is a marathon with all but one of the Wingham shooters competing in the entire five days.

The five days of competition was shot on electronic targets, which kept the shooting and squadding moving along at a cracking pace!  Weather conditions on the Belmont range were unseasonable warm and the second day of the Duncan Series was far too hot for the southern competitors with many finishing the day suffering from a mild case of heat stress.

As the Belmont range is the venue for next year’s Commonwealth Games Australia’s  elite shooters were all in attendance and the calibre of competition was extremely high.  In the Target Rifle A Grade perfect scores were recorded everywhere with only an exceptional centre count deciding places on the podium at each of range.

But, it is not all about the elite shooters!  The Queens Series attracts competitors from all disciplines and grades and they are all trying to outshoot their respective competitors.  For Wingham shooters Christina Adams and Katrina Geary this was their first Queens campaign.

The Queens Series started on Thursday and ran through until Saturday.  Weather on Thursday was warm but mild, however Friday the predicted winds arrived just as competitors were getting ready to shoot the first of their 900 yard distances for the day.  Winds of 40klm and swirling gusts of up to 60klm put the cat amongst the pigeons!  Scores for everyone, including the elite shooters tumbled in the dreadful conditions.

But, worse was to come.  The last day of competition is run over two ranges at 900yards and 1000 yards.  On this day, the winds were blowing at 60klm with gusts in every direction of up to 75klm.  It was not a happy time for anyone, but a terrific learning curve for all.  I must say that this writer learnt a great deal about reading wind flags and will never complain about the relatively light winds experienced on the Wingham Range again.

By the competitions end most of the Wingham Rifle Club were pleased with their results and had medals and badges to take home.  Most pleasing of all was to see the two rookies, taking home some wins.  Katrina Geary shot an amazing final stage at 1000yards in atrocious wind conditions to win a Silver Medal for F Standard B Grade for this range whilst Christina Adams, who shot consistently throughout the entire competitions was delighted to win a Queens Badge for her 6th placing in the Queens Grand Aggregate.

Full results:

Winners are ‘grinners’ – Christina with her 6th place badge and Katrina with her range medal